The Generics Branch: A Proposal

Andrew Haley aph at
Sun Nov 19 15:17:45 UTC 2006

Andrew John Hughes writes:
 > Hi everyone,
 > Now that:
 > a) gcj has branched for 4.2 and the gcj-eclipse branch is moving
 > to trunk
 > b) there is another Free 1.5 compiler in the form of Sun's javac
 > c) most VMs have support for at least some of the 1.5 native stuff
 > I'd like to suggest that we merge the generics branch to HEAD, following
 > the branch for 0.93 (making 0.93 the last non-generics version of GNU
 > Classpath, and 0.94 the first generics one).
 > What do people think?

Yes.  I'll take the Classpath HEAD after generics is merged and copy
that to gcj.


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