Moving server

Jim Pick jim at
Fri Oct 6 00:13:25 UTC 2006

Jim Pick wrote:
> Hi,
> This is just a quick note to say that I'm going to try to move the
> server to a new location in about an hour (about
> 5pm Pacific Daylight Time).
> The transfer shouldn't take too long - I have most of the data rsync'd
> already, and the DNS change should propagate in 10 minutes or so (I hope).
> It's currently running inside a User-Mode Linux session on the same
> underpowered 600Mhz Via server that's running in Fremont,
> California.  I need to move it, so I can eventually decommission that
> server.  I moved back to Vancouver, B.C, Canada back in April, so I
> can't physically fix the server in California when something eventually
> goes wrong (and it will).  I'm going to transfer the session to a Xen
> session on a server I have colocated in Seattle.  That server is much
> more powerful (dual-processor dual-core Xeon w/8G of RAM and 1.6Tb of
> disk), and I have some decent remote-administration options on it.
> I'll send another email when I'm done.  Also, I'll be on #classpath as well.

Okay, the server has moved.  That went very smoothly.  If this email
gets through, then I think all is well.  :-)


 - Jim

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