gkeytool error

linh linh at mytum.de
Thu Oct 19 16:04:53 UTC 2006

Hi Tom,

I am sure that I have build the classpath-0.92 and "make install".

I did:
./configure --disable-plugin --with-jikes --with-vm=/usr/local/bin/jamvm
make install
everything seems well.

Have you any suggestions?

thank you in advance.

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>>>>>>> ">" == Haoyang Lin <linh at mytum.de> writes:
>>>> I checked the tools.zip. It contains no
>>>> gnu/classpath/tools/keytool/Main. There is Main.java in
>>>> /classpath-0.92/tools/gnu/classpath/tools/keytool/. What should I
>>>> change to make gkeytoll working well?
>> It is hard to say since we don't know much about how you built or
>> installed.  I would suggest starting at the beginning; make sure you
>> built Classpath in the way that your VM expects, make sure you ran
>> 'make install', etc.
>> Tom

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