Christian Thalinger twisti at
Mon Jul 14 08:21:07 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-07-11 at 16:18 -0500, jsestri2 at wrote:
> What is this file and why is it accessed at startup? At the startup of
> every Java program, it would appear that the paths:
> "/META-INF/INDEX.LIST" and "" are have the stat file operation applied
> to them.
> I am working on a research project at UIUC and I have an issue with
> this happening due to the nature of the file system which the custom
> JVM we have created works. If anyone has information relating to
> where / why these accesses are made it would be very appreciated.
> Essentially I need to figure out what they are supposed to be
> accomplishing since it doesn't seem to matter that they fail. Avoiding
> them all together or routing them through an alternative means would
> be ideal.

One point where it's used is in java/lang/VMClassLoader to gather the
information about the boot packages.

Btw. HotSpot adds boot packages to the list when a class is loaded via
the bootstrap classloader.  So, the list does not contain all packages
at startup but grows during runtime.  Maybe this could be an
incompatibility somewhere, but I don't know what the spec says here.

- twisti

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