JamVm - GNU Classpath and Cached DNS Resolving

Jan Pannecoeck jpa at mgb-tech.com
Thu Mar 26 07:47:40 UTC 2009

Hello Robert,

I'm contacting you directly since I think you are the best men to answer 
my question. But since other people may also could need this information 
I'm also sending it to the classpath-mailinglist.

I'm currently using JamVm 1.5.2 with Classpath 0.98 on an ARM-device. 
This is, thanks to you by the way, all working properly...
The problem I'm having now is the following:

I launch my java-application at a moment when I don't have any 
connection to the Internet, or the local network (so no cable is pluged 
in). My application can't resolve the address to which it should connect 
(this is all working fine). But when I plug in an ethernetcable, under 
Linux I can ping to my server (I even can resolve the name and all the 
rest without any problems), the Java application is still telling me 
that it can't resolve the address : UnknownAddressException.

I have found some setting: 
java.security.Security.setProperty("networkaddress.cache.ttl", "0") that 
should disable the DNS-caching. But I assume this isn't working since 
the DNS-caching is still there.

Should I use some other setting to disable the DNS-caching in JamVM so 
that when I plug in the cable, my Java-Application can resolve the address?

I hope my question is clear, otherwise I'm sure willing to give some 
more details! :-)

Thanks in advance,
Jan Pannecoeck

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