netif.h present but unusable on Mac

Ian Rogers at
Wed Nov 25 17:19:38 UTC 2009

Hi Richard,

Jikes RVM is using an older version of Classpath than what is current.
MRP [1] (derived from Jikes RVM) uses the latest GNU Classpath. You
may want to try this as an alternative, although currently you'll need
to download MRP using git.



2009/11/22 Richard O'Keefe <ok at>:
> The host is an Intel Core 2 Duo processor running Mac OS X version 10.5.7
> I downloaded the JikesRVM version 3.1.0 and having checked that
> ia32-osx was supported set out to build it.  The manual says that
> it needs GNU Classpath, and that I should download and install
> that by doing ant -f build/components/classpath.xml, which I did.
>     [exec] checking ifaddrs.h usability... yes
>     [exec] checking ifaddrs.h presence... yes
>     [exec] checking for ifaddrs.h... yes
>     [exec] checking netinet/in_systm.h usability... yes
>     [exec] checking netinet/in_systm.h presence... yes
>     [exec] checking for netinet/in_systm.h... yes
>     [exec] checking netinet/ip.h usability... yes
>     [exec] checking netinet/ip.h presence... yes
>     [exec] checking for netinet/ip.h... yes
>     [exec] checking net/if.h usability... no
>     [exec] checking net/if.h presence... yes
>     [exec] configure: WARNING: net/if.h: present but cannot be compiled
>     [exec] configure: WARNING: net/if.h:     check for missing prerequisite
> headers?
>     [exec] configure: WARNING: net/if.h: see the Autoconf documentation
>     [exec] configure: WARNING: net/if.h:     section "Present But Cannot Be
> Compiled"
>     [exec] configure: WARNING: net/if.h: proceeding with the preprocessor's
> result
>     [exec] configure: WARNING: net/if.h: in the future, the compiler will
> take precedence
>     [exec] configure: WARNING:     ## -------------------------------- ##
>     [exec] configure: WARNING:     ## Report this to classpath at ##
>     [exec] configure: WARNING:     ## -------------------------------- ##
>     [exec] checking for net/if.h... yes
> There was a further problem later down where the Ant script said
>     [exec] configure: error: The Java compiler
> /home/cshome/o/ok/Desktop/jikesrvm-3.1.0/components/ecj/3.2/ecj-3.2/ecj
> failed (see config.log, check the CLASSPATH?)
>     [exec] checking if
> /home/cshome/o/ok/Desktop/jikesrvm-3.1.0/components/ecj/3.2/ecj-3.2/ecj
> works...
> Since ...components/ecj doesn't exist, it's not surprising that it
> doesn't "work".  This leads me to suspect a problem with the Ant
> script.

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