Errors at building classpath, info attached (Real One)

Mario Torre neugens at
Tue May 11 15:14:10 UTC 2010

Il giorno mar, 11/05/2010 alle 14.44 +0100, Andrew John Hughes ha

> > I'm not sure on that either. Andrew(s)? I think this is because of some
> > incompatibilities introduced by recent Firefox, if I'm not wrong, the
> > development of the plugin moved completely in the IcedTea project, if
> > that's the case, you may skip it (it's not needed for Escher anyway). If
> > you make it work, or you really have time for that and want to try it,
> > go for it, hacking is always fun, but keep in mind that is more
> > important to get the whole thing up and running first than having each
> > subsystem working properly (you need to fix GNU Classpath/Escher
> > integration now).
> >
> i've mentioned before that we should probably just remove it, given
> development has shifted to IcedTea.  We should at least not have it
> enabled by default.

Yeah, has been difficult to track this stuff because all the interest
moved away, this is actually a good point for Marcos' project, he's
making us talking about GNU Classpath again.

Anyway, I also think we should remove it and put on the docs why we did.

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