Simple Swing Tests with OpenJDK/Classpath/Classpath+Escher

Mario Torre neugens at
Wed May 19 09:58:57 UTC 2010

Il giorno mer, 19/05/2010 alle 01.46 -0300, Marcos Roriz ha scritto:
> Hello all,

> Conclusion:
> Escher did fine for the tests, only problems detected are not yet
> implemented features, anti aliased font and that error with the png. I
> think the overall speed was great (after the start). About the
> Unicode, I think, it's a problem with GNU Classpath, because the same
> error applied to jamvm and cacao.

Hi Marcos,

Mmm, those rendering errors are weird, they should not occur. I don't
have time to look at them now, if you can track them down that would be
a great addition to your project, but don't spend too much time on that.

Perhaps you can try the Swing demo (is somewhere in the example
directory), this was always rendered correctly. I don't think it's an
Escher problem, I think it's in the peer code, maybe it's something to
do with your installed fonts.

Good work so far, keep up with this. Next week I think we should start
looking at the generator code.

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