gij: unrecognized option -- `-o'

KessiMC pascal_kesseli at
Wed May 19 20:13:06 UTC 2010

Hi everyone

Having finally become somewhat more confident in trying to cross-compile GNU
Classpath, I dastardly failed on my most recent attempt with the following
error message:

Making all in tools
make[1]: Entering directory `/opt/C++/classpath/classpath-build/tools'
/bin/mkdir -p classes asm
/bin/mkdir -p ../tools/generated/gnu/classpath/tools/gjdoc/expr
gij -classpath  antlr.Tool -o
../tools/generated/gnu/classpath/tools/gjdoc/expr/ \
gij: unrecognized option -- `-o'

Unfortunately, I agree with the message. My gij does not support any such
option '-o'. What am I missing here?

I used the following configure options:
--host=arm-linux --target=arm-linux --build=i686-linux --disable-plugin
--disable-alsa --disable-gconf-peer --disable-gtk-peer --disable-qt-peer
--disable-default-toolkit --without-x CC=xscale_be-gcc CXX=xscale_be-g++
AS=xscale_be-as AR=xscale_be-ar CPP=xscale_be-cpp

gcj version is "gcj (Debian 4.3.2-2) 4.3.2"

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and best regards

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