gij: unrecognized option -- `-o'

Stuart Ballard stuart.a.ballard at
Wed May 19 20:18:20 UTC 2010

I'm FAR from an expert on any of this but looking at the line at issue:

> gij -classpath  antlr.Tool -o
> ../tools/generated/gnu/classpath/tools/gjdoc/expr/ \
> ../../classpath-0.98/tools/gnu/classpath/tools/gjdoc/expr/java-expression.g
> gij: unrecognized option -- `-o'

I think I see two spaces after -classpath which makes me think there's
a missing argument in there. Also, antlr.Tool looks like a classname
not a classpath.

So I'm guessing that this should be:

gij -classpath "something" antlr.Tool -o ...

Then -o is an argument to antlr.Tool, not to gij.

Where you go from there, how you get a correct value into the missing
classpath parameter, I'm not sure...


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