autobuilders and redownloading all sources from servers

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Tue Mar 6 11:43:45 UTC 2012

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> Hi,
> If you are running an autobuilder against the sources of one of the
> servers (especially could you
> please double check that you are not unnecessarily redownloading
> download drops and/or whole forests when there have been no changes
> since the last time. The server is already over bandwidth limits and
> every unnecessary GB download costs us a little extra money.
> If you happen to operate an autobuilder on
> ( please contact me to
> see
> if we can setup something more efficient. I sadly had to disable
> downloads from this host since it was using up ~15%+ of all traffic
> on
> the server.
> Thanks,
> Mark

Maybe it's worth looking at having a '--disable-downloading' option for
the IcedTea build which can be used on autobuilders to make them fail instead?
Andrew :)

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