Package java.rmi.dgc

The Distributed Garbage Collector (DGC).

Interface Summary

DGC The DGC implementation is used for the server side during the distributed garbage collection.

Class Summary

Lease A lease object is used to request and grant leases for the remote objects.
VMID An identifier that is unique accross the all virtual machines.
The Distributed Garbage Collector (DGC). The DGC is reponsible for keeping all locally created and exported remote objects as long as they are referenced by some remote clients. The client must periodically notify the server that it still wants to keep the remote object on the server side. The client notifies the server by calling methods, defined in the DGC interface. Other classes in this package define the parameters that are used in this interface. The DGC object of some host can be found and accessed by its object identifier (ObjID.DGC_ID), without involving the name service.