Uses of Class java.lang.StackTraceElement

Uses in package java.lang

Methods with parameter type java.lang.StackTraceElement

Change the stack trace manually.

Methods with return type java.lang.StackTraceElement

Returns an array of StackTraceElements representing the current stack trace of this thread.
Provides access to the information printed in printStackTrace().

Uses in package

Constructors with parameter type java.lang.StackTraceElement

MonitorInfo.MonitorInfo(String className, int identityHashCode, int stackDepth, StackTraceElement stackFrame)
Constructs a new MonitorInfo using the specified lock class name and identity hash code, and the given stack depth and frame.

Methods with return type java.lang.StackTraceElement

Returns the stack frame at which the lock was obtained.
Returns the stack trace of this thread to the depth specified on creation of this ThreadInfo object.