Uses of Class javax.crypto.Cipher

Uses in package javax.crypto

Classes derived from javax.crypto.Cipher

Trivial subclass of Cipher that implements the identity transformation, where the input is always copied to the output unchanged.

Constructors with parameter type javax.crypto.Cipher

Creates a new input stream with a source input stream and cipher.
Create a new cipher output stream.
Create a new sealed object from a Serializable object and a cipher.

Methods with parameter type javax.crypto.Cipher

Unseal and deserialize this sealed object with a specified (already initialized) cipher.

Methods with return type javax.crypto.Cipher

Cipher.getInstance(String transformation)
Creates a new cipher instance for the given transformation.
Cipher.getInstance(String transformation, String provider)
Creates a new cipher instance for the given transformation and the named provider.
Cipher.getInstance(String transformation, Provider provider)
Creates a new cipher instance for a given transformation from a given provider.