Package javax.imageio

This package provides image input/output APIs.

Interface Summary

IIOParamController An interface to set image parameters.
ImageTranscoder An ImageTranscoder translates IIOMetadata objects provided by an ImageReader into corresponding IIOMetadata objects that can be understood by a given ImageWriter.

Class Summary

IIOImage IIOImage is a container class for components of an image file that stores image data, image metadata and thumbnails.
IIOParam An IIOParam stores parameters used when encoding or decoding image streams.
ImageIO An uninstantiable class that provides static methods for locating and using image readers and writers.
ImageReader A class for decoding images within the ImageIO framework.
ImageReadParam DOCUMENT ME
ImageTypeSpecifier ImageTypeSpecifier store the color and sample models associated with an IIOImage.
ImageWriteParam DOCUMENT ME
ImageWriter A class for encoding images within the ImageIO framework.

Exception Summary

IIOException A runtime exception to indicate image reading and writing failures.
This package provides image input/output APIs.

The standard class library provides other ways of loading images (@see java.awt.Toolkit, @see java.awt.Component)) but the ImageIO package is more powerful.

The static ImageIO class supports reading and writing images in many different formats along with most other basic image I/O operations.

Other classes provide finer control of image-related operations; reading is controlled by ImageReader, ImageReadParam and ImageTypeSpecifyer, writing by ImageWriter and ImageWriteParam. ImageTranscoder allows fine-grained control over how images are converted between formats and IIOException reports errors. IIOImage describes an image file in detail including metadata and thumbnails.

Supported Formats

The default GNU Classpath ImageIO backend uses ImageMagick and so supports the following formats: