Package org.ietf.jgss

Interface Summary

GSSContext This interface encapsulates the GSS-API security context and provides the security services (wrap(byte[],int,int,MessageProp), unwrap(byte[],int,int,MessageProp), getMIC(byte[],int,int,MessageProp), verifyMIC(byte[],int,int,byte[],int,int,MessageProp)) that are available over the context.
GSSCredential This interface encapsulates the GSS-API credentials for an entity.
GSSName This interface encapsulates a single GSS-API principal entity.

Class Summary

ChannelBinding The GSS-API accommodates the concept of caller-provided channel binding information.
GSSManager The GSSManager class is an abstract class that serves as a factory for three GSS interfaces: GSSName, GSSCredential, and GSSContext.
MessageProp This is a utility class used within the per-message GSSContext methods to convey per-message properties.

When used with the GSSContext interface's GSSContext.wrap(byte[],int,int,MessageProp) and GSSContext.getMIC(byte[],int,int,MessageProp) methods, an instance of this class is used to indicate the desired QOP and to request if confidentiality services are to be applied to caller supplied data (wrap only).

Oid This class represents Universal Object Identifiers (Oids) and their associated operations.

Oids are hierarchically globally-interpretable identifiers used within the GSS-API framework to identify mechanisms and name formats.

The structure and encoding of Oids is defined in ISOIEC-8824 and ISOIEC-8825.

Exception Summary

GSSException This exception is thrown whenever a fatal GSS-API error occurs including mechanism specific errors.